a vision and a mission.

Hello, world!

It’s been so long since the last time I posted something on a blog. The last time I made a blog, it was the cheesy one. Yeah! I was like, “what the hell I’ve been doing? I’ve got to stop this stupidity and start to write more meaningful”. But instead of writing of something meaningful, I made a tumblr and the only thing I did rebloged someone’s else posts.

Such a waste. Then, I thought to make a new post on one of my old blog (the one that I forgot the password. yes, this one actually). But, I want to make a meaningful blog, that’s why I came out with a concept. That concept based on a vision and a mission. I visioned to post something popular yet scientific, uncommon experiences, or at least some useful ideas for the readers. Then, what is my mission? So, you could learn something from my writings.

So, enough with the prologue. Happy reading, readers! :’)


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