If you ask me about the things I hate (beside sushi), then it will be a surprise. I’m kind of a realist but mostly a cynic, that’s why I prefer the certainty to uncertainty. I don’t even like to be surprised on my birthday actually. So, there were some moments when some of my friends made a birthday surprised for me and I didn’t know what to feel. It made me feel some kind of awkward when your friends put a big effort to do something that you don’t like. At that moment, I felt guilty  and happy at the same time.

But, there is always an exception for anything in this world. Yes! ANYTHING. I’m going to tell you about the surprise that I like.

Few days ago, I was working on my undergraduate thesis. My undergraduate thesis is such a sacred thing in my life (I’ll make a special post about it later). While I was typing, I felt so tired and bored. So, I checked my twitter’s timeline and I found some of my friends were planning to watch The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. I hate those tweets. I envy my friends. Since, I wouldn’t be able to see the concert. I have to work for my undergraduate thesis and this. But, since I felt bored then I randomly planned to go to @America, Pacific Place at that concert day . Actually, I read some of @atamerica tweets at that day. They said they are going to make a meet and greet. I didn’t have any clue who’s going to come at the moment. But, I believe you do while reading this post.

You’re right The Pains of Being Pure at Heart in the house yo!

I talked about lot of things with them. Such as how Peggy didn’t bring an iron while on tour and her disappointment  of Laneway Fest’ sound system. I also talked with Kip, he also gave me two pins for me and my friend, Yunda. But, the longest conversation happened with Alex.

He said that he is one of the biggest fans of White Shoes and The Couples Company (WSATCC), and he would really love to hang out and have some bottle of beers with Ricky. They watched WSATCC while they were playing at Hongkong. When they saw WSATCC, they wanted WSATCC to be their opening act at Indonesia. “This is music, I fall in love with them. They are amazing.”, said Alex. I also asked about some silly things, such as how does it feel to know his (band’s) song featured on a television series(Skins season 5). Alex answered he didn’t know the song was on Skins until his father told him (after that, he have been wondering why his father watched it). Since, I saw Kip was drinking so much mineral water, I asked Alex whether the weather was too hot. He said no, he felt little bit hungry actually. Since, they only got Dunkin’ Donuts as lunch (it doesn’t count, I know). But, the most memorable topic is about being an Idol. Someone told Alex about Balai Sarbini, that it was the place of the memorable Indonesian Idol. So at the end of the concert, he must have turned into an Indonesian Idol. Only him, the other members will stay as The Pains of Being Pure at Heart band members.

Actually, I still got plenty more stories about the meet and greet. But, I’ll keep it by myself.

Anyway, what did I learn that day? First, I learned that The Pains of Being Pure at Heart members are too humble to be true. Second, the most genuine facial expression shows when people talk about something they like. Like, when each member talked about how amazing WSATCC. Their faces showed excitement. Last, I learned not to worry much about life. I’ll enjoy my idle time and go to some random places. I would never know whom I’m going to meet.

Then, surprised me!


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