Hello, Architecture in Helsinki!

It happened three weeks ago, but still it’s memorable. Happy reading!

It was my last year at high school; around 2008 if I’m not mistaken; I started listen Architecture in Helsinki (AIH) by a friend recommendation. To me AIH’s music sounds cheerful. That’s why I let my self sang a long the songs of “Places Like This” while studying. Well, it was a few year ago.

February 2012, I heard news that they would come to Jakarta. Then, I saved some money, but too bad I have to use the money for the other priority. So, I made a plan to try some quizzes (or almost all of the quizzes maybe). I tried it for two weeks, but it was zero. I even made some (silly) conspiracy theories through my observation of the quizzes. As you might have guess, I’ve already learned helplessness.

BUT! Somehow, someone gave me the ticket. Yes! I won the ticket out of pity! But, I didn’t beg to anyone, I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t cheat, and it wasn’t a crime either. So, I don’t care as long as I was able to see AIH. HAH!

At the day, I came earlier than my prediction. Bottlesmoker as the opening, they wore some eye-catchy thingy. Since, they dressed as an Astronaut and an Indian.

Anyway, I have to go there alone. But still, I was having fun. Who’s not going to have fun to see how magnificent the band was. Kelly was sick, but she still moved energetically. Cameron? He electrified me. The girl next to me couldn’t stop saying “OH MY GOD!” anytime Gus danced. The drummer, he jumped from behind the drum into in front of Cameron’s microphone. Overall, I lost my sanity. They played about 15 songs and for that took my breath away. Awesomeness.

Whoaaa :0


I have other good impressions about the concert. All ages and smoking-free. I hope the organizer will keep their good work. So readers, if they make a gig, buy the ticket! Hahaha.

So, what did I learn from this experience? First, as long as you keep on trying, the help might come from anywhere. Just like a stranger who gave me the AIH’s ticket. You know who you are, thank you very much. Second, AIH performance was great because they just be who they are and did the things they like (despite the fact it was their last concert of the tour). They were having fun at the stage and that’s how they entertained the mass. Be happy and then you will able to make anyone as happy as you.

I think I have to stop blabbering on this post and go back to my thesis.

Seize the day, reader!


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