Sleep! (Slap!)

One day, I woke up in a restless condition. Just like any other college student, sleep deprivations is a common thing to me. But, whatever the condition, I have a duty to go campus. In an occasion, on my way to campus I met this old lady at the train. She told me a story about her niece. Her niece, 25 year old married woman, died recently. The cause was her niece’s lack of sleep. I tried to confront her at first that it can’t be that easy (even though I know it that people potentially die, if they don’t sleep for three days). But she seems in grief so I asked her whether she wanted to tell the full story. She agreed.


She explained that her niece has a bad habit when it comes to sleep. Since, her college time she rarely slept well due most of her time working on the assignments (dear lecture, mark this part). After graduated, she worked from early morning until midnight. Yes, it made lot of money, but it’s not worth it anymore. She didn’t have much close friends. She didn’t have any chance to spend her time with her family and her husband. Actually, I was curious to ask about the niece relationship and her husband (especially how they interacted since the niece was very busy). But, the old lady was telling the story in a very intense way. I decided not to interrupt her. One day, the niece diagnosed with a disease because her lack of sleep. She burst into tears, so I decided to keep my curiosity of what the disease was. She couldn’t take herself outside the grief, since her niece was very close to her. Her family members said that she shouldn’t have to be that sad because she wasn’t her mom. Well, rite (this is sarcasm).


I told her to let her niece go. The good part is her niece won’t be in lack of sleep because she can take a rest in anytime she wants to. The old lady stuck in silence for a while, but then she laughed very hard. She said I’m funny. Then, I shared her some ways to cope with her grief. Then, we have to separate because I arrived at where I destined to. She said thank you. She told me not forget her (no, instead I wrote about you).

What’s  the moral of the story? First, enjoy your time. What the use of working too hard without ability to enjoy the results? Second, get some enough sleep. It was quite a shock to hear someone died because of her sleep deprivations while I was restless myself. Third, I don’t advice you to trust a stranger, but you’re a human too. I guess you can sense genuine emotion. So, when people look pretty genuine, it’s good to let them talk about their story. You might well learn something from them. Last but not least, next time you’re going to sleep, please sleep tight!



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