oh! not at social movement!

Lately there is a phenomenon where a lot of communities held (also) a lot of eventual social movements. They come from various different areas, such as environmental, education, or health. But, they share a goal, to make a better yet sustainable living environment. Then, the problem begins. Yes, the overlap issues!

Their format goes on the same pattern. By inviting people, putting a speaker on stage, and promoting their event as inspiring one. Most of the time, they share the same ideas. The worst part is when they put the less proper people on the stage and some of the audiences know someone who is more expert at that area. What a waste of money, time, and energy by making an event without setting and evaluating the impact. You’re on the making of a social movement not a party. Then, if you still do that pattern and think that will be inspiring enough, then shame on you. People might be aware, but less (or least) of them will be moved by the ideas of yours.

If you still continue this kind of works then you’re mostly a social climber. Conscious or not, the only thing you’re looking for is acknowledgement by the society. But, there still might a chance you’re only being naïve. I remember a classic proverb,” if there is a will, and there will be a way.” But my critical mind raises a question, “what kind of will?” For the social climber well then those social movements are they way to make their will come true.

I’m a kind of person who easily gets excited by the novelty of ideas. I’m in love science, too. So, I really love to share my knowledge in trade for the new one from anyone. The condition is people around me are talking about the same things since the overlap issues. So, I begun to feel those social climber are sucks. Yes, whoever you are if you are a social climber then you are suck. Please find a new pattern of social movement, share the new ideas, or do the simple research of what most people need at current moment. You know what, I think rather than make a huge social movements without evaluating the impact it’s better to make a small movement but the useful one. I got a lot in my mind about to counter this issue, but for now let me keep it in mind.

Thank your for reading this post. 🙂


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