It’s been a long time since my last post. I remembered how I went trough 2011. It didn’t go well. Disappointment is the only word to describe it. Then I found that much disappointment also happened on 2012. So, that’s how adult life goes. But, I learned much about how to cope with lousy life this year. Then, I decided to turn those experiences on 2012 into this post.

I created a playlist to company the writing. Actually, not every song inside the playlist was released in 2012. I pick these songs because they describe an eventual moment in each month. Anyway, I’m not a person with hipster kind music taste, then what you’re expecting me to choose on the playlist?

Finally, I suggest you to read this post while listening to the mixtape. Since uploading the MP3s is illegal, you can hear my mixtape via 8tracks here. Happy listening and here is my story:

#121212 from gisca on 8tracks Radio.


  1. January : Amiina – Seoul

January was the month when I have to collect my thesis proposal. There wasn’t a single day without a rush. Amiina’s Kurr is on the top of my playlist to calm me while working on my thesis.

  1. February : The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Young Adult Friction

“Now that you feel. You say it’s not real.”

There was a random day in February that I went to Pacific Place. At that day, I met The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and they gave me a pin. As I remembered that day felt surreal.

  1. March : Architecture In Helsinki – Escapee

“I’m escapee. You’re escapee.”

I can’t describe my degree of likeability to Architecture in Helsinki and they were having concert at March. I almost didn’t get a chance to watch them. So, I choose to focus on organizing TEDxUI event that day. But, miracle happened that day, someone gave me a ticket. I still can’t thank him enough because the concert went great.

  1. April : Parlovr – You Only Want It ‘Cause You’re Lonely

“I can’t decide. You only want it ‘cause you’re lonely.”

Can I keep April as a secret? Well, I won’t even give you any clue either.

  1. May : Pure Saturday – Lighthouse

“Start smiling. There is no whining time.”

Pure Saturday is my one of my favorite Indonesian band, even tough I can’t see the urge of becoming Pure People (Pure Saturday’s fans base). Pure Saturday launched their album at this month. They held a theatrical-impressed-me-much concert. Well, I’m also the last person who bought the ticket from GKJ ticket box. Don’t whine and hate me, please.

  1. June : Toro y Moi – Blessa

“Come home in the summer. Live the life that you miss.”

Let me just be honest to you, whatever the month, I’ll put Toro y Moi on the playlist. At 2011, I listened to Olafur Arnalds’ Found Songs like thousand times and then at 2012 I moved on to Toro y Moi’s Causers of This. The reason I love their album as simple as the catchy tunes of broken-heart related album. I also learned at the end of a relationship, you might still able to hurt yourself by recalling the memories. Well, I also listened to Blessa on my way to campus at my thesis defense day in June.

  1. July : Asobi Seksu –  Taiyo

“Kyo mo taiyo ga deteiru. Kimi ga suki da kara”.

Too many things happened on July and I couldn’t recall which one is the most remarkable one. The only thing I could remember that I went trough July just by floating on like the melody of this song.

  1. August : Sigur Ros – Fjogur Piano

In August, something related to April happened. Pardon me by not telling why I choose this song for August. :’)

  1. September : Suburban Kids With Biblical Name – Always On My Mind

“Love seems to be on my mind. Seems to be all the time.”

September was the month of my graduation. Well, every single thing about the campus will always be on mind. It becomes fragment of memories that lives with me.

  1. October : Max Havelaar – Suara Kita Suara Tuhan

“Harusnya merdu yang terdengar. Mengapa sumbang yang bersuara?”

I had a job that made me had to stay at Medan for a month. I used to listen this song while sightseeing the view on the road to Padangsidimpuan Timur. Surprisingly, I saw some people set the fire at wood, military people asked some money from the truck driver, and some others ironic things. Yes, epic. So, where’s the “vox populi vox dei” in Indonesia?

  1. November : Jens Lekman – Do You Remember The Riots?

 “Do you remember the riots on November?”

There was a day in November when I woke up in the morning at Lampung, ate brunch at Soekarno-Hatta, took a bath at Pontianak, and slept at night on the bus while crossing the border in between Sintang and Malaysia. While on the road, I saw too many riots such as local people conflicts (yes, more than one). I will never forget that November.

  1. December : Ari Reda – Pada Suatu Pagi

“….agar ia bisa berjalan sendiri saja sambil menangis.”

In December too many things happened. I think I need to lay down my head, think for a while, then write another post about December. I quit my job, treated impolitely and unprofessional by a huge company whom owned by a madam who often speaks about professionalism, and I think the quarter life crisis has calling me out. I have no idea yet what I’m going to be, but in the least I know yet what I don’t want to be.

So, that’s my version of 2012? How about yours?

p.s. Did you realize that most of musicians on the list dominated by male?

p.p.s. This year Tame Impala, Bonita & The HusBAND, Regina Spektor, and Payung Teduh launched their album and those albums are great. :’)


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