oh well,

There was a day, when me and him walked down through our neighborhood. We crossed the street and then we saw a young mother with her baby inside the stroller. Then, I asked him,

“The baby is cute, Isn’t she?”


“Don’t you just want to have a baby too?”

He paused a while, then he answered,


Not so long after that, we broke up.

Few weeks ago, I met him. We went to eat some cakes. After all this time, I found he’s still the same guy. We had a nice conversation. Until, he ended up with telling me about his engagement. Yes, he engaged in the morning and he told me at the evening. I asked him again with the same question before,

“Now, do you want to have a baby with her?”

He paused again, but he firmly answered,

“Yes, for sure.”

I gave him my warmest sincere smile. Then, I went to the ladies room. Next, I asked the waitress for another cup of cheese cake.

When, we about to live the shop. I took my order, took a cab, and left him puzzled with the bill.

Life isn’t fair, is it?