My 2013 list in a (very) short recap

1. 15 minutes of fame?

Arya Wiguna and Vicky Prasetyo.

2. The evolution of Sinetron since Tersanjung (or Cinta Fitri)

Tukang Bubur Naik Haji. 

3. A great loss, you will be missed:

Nelson Mandela.

4. This one is great, but hey why everyone put attention at the other one?

When *NSYNC reunion got less attention than Miley Cyrus’ twerk moment.

5. Fresh (not new) international musician you should check out:

Here is the most comprehensive list I found so far.

6. Indonesian musician’s album you should buy this year:

Pandai Besi, Semak Belukar, Sore, and Tigapagi. Why? Here,  here, here, and I guess more to come about them in the very next day.

7. Most-underated (but find a lot of good review about this) film this year:

Frances Ha.

8. The world’s most awaited moment:

Prince George birth.

9.The most eccentric world citizen

The poorest president who made his country to be Country of The Year.

10. The faith-in-humanity-recharge

Long live, Pontifex!

11. You Go, Sir!

Ridwan Kamil and Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.

12. Hypest sport in town:



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